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It Don’t Stop

My advisor and web master, Olise Forel, told me I should blog more, so here it is. So much has happened and changed since I have actively blogged on my site. So I’m just gonna jump right in. We have changed the look and function of the site. So, I plan on actively providing new content for it.

Anyways, since I’ve moved out of NYC, a lot of wave-riders and fake-friends have fallen off, I guess ‘out of site out of mind’ for some. It’s cool though, I like when phony people eliminate themselves from my life. A lot of fake managers, culture vultures and fake promoters have been cut off with the snake moves, and at the end of it all, it’s me, standing on my own two like I always do. I never got what I wanted waiting on a co-sign and help has been far and few between (shrugs).

Hip Hop is my lifestyle, my life line. Everything I do revolves around the culture of hip hop. I eat, sleep, breathe, think, walk, and shit Hip Hop. I don’t plan on stopping any time soon. It’s the era of “dad rap” time for the fathers of the culture to flex their skills and continue to build.

Hip hop is the only genre of music where people put a age cap on when you’re supposed to rap. Rock artists, Reggae artists, R&B artists and every other style make music until they die, but we’re supposed to stop at a certain age? Hip hop is fairly new its only 40+ years old. So, it’s only now that we started to have older men and women who have been Hip Hoppers for their entire  life. I’m very content rapping for my demographic.

People say to me “you from the 90’s era”, to that I say “naw, I been around for ALL the eras”. I was a baby when it just started. I literally grew up the same time as Hip Hop. So, when they say, “you’re too old to rap” my reply is “Fuck outa here with that shit”. I’ve been rapping since I was 15 years old, as well as mastering other elements of the culture.

Hip hop is not like sports where at a certain age you can’t physically perform anymore. As long as your alive and have something to say you should be able to make music to express yourself.

So, with that being said, I’m gearing up to drop my new project “Timeless: of the Collection” I’ve already dropped a few songs off of it and I’m about to drop a few more before I drop the whole project. I’m trying to release this project before I go on tour in Europe this October.

Stay tuned for new songs and videos. Peace!


It Don’t Stop


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